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My name is Julia Work and I am a 16 year old high school sophomore living in Virginia. After a family trip to Europe in the summer of 2014, I really fell in love with my camera. 

Later that fall, I decided to take the screen off of my bedroom window so I could take pictures of the sunset from my own room.  I captured the sunset every day for a few months until I saw a bunny. Taking pictures of animals ended up becoming my biggest passion.  I have the strongest love for animals. 

I hate being reminded that there are people who don’t respect some of the most amazing creatures on Earth. I wanted to make people pay more attention to animals that are so close to extinction, specifically tigers. 

I posted loads of tiger donation links on social media, thinking it’d go viral and everyone would live happily ever after. When only one person acknowledged the post, I decided to not rely on others and make a difference myself. That’s when I got the idea of selling my photos in order to raise money for donations to save tigers. 

My website is  I have teamed up with a tiger conservation organization and that dream is now becoming a reality. 

Please check out my work.  Julia