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Kaya Inkster

Youth Advocate for Wildlife 

My name is Kaya Inkster.  I am in the seventh grade and go to South Junior High.  I am the oldest of four girls;  Ellie, my awesome twin, Maren, my crazy 3 year old sister and Ailsa, the (hopefully) laid-back red head.  I enjoy art, reading, being with my friends and music.  I also participate in golf, USAT (United States Academic Triathlon), Knowledge Bowl and Chamber Choir.  I do not like homework, decisions, mean people and when Maren bothers me a lot.  

Some of the things that make me who I am are that I am kind, a good friend, and smart. I have many things that are wrong with me including growth hormone deficiency, a paralyzed stomach and a lot of other issues. These things make me feel sad and insecure. I wish that I could be normal because life would be much easier.

I started working with Katie, art therapist, about two years ago to help with my depression. It is fun. I feel good when I do the art because it is like painting my feelings. I like looking at the pieces that turn out well, but sometimes it is hard to get the perfect picture that I have in my head down on the canvas. The time goes by pretty fast.

I volunteer at Lucky’s Place. Lucky’s Place is a No-Kill Shelter for cats. I check their food and water and fill it if they need some, then clean the litter and play with them. It feels good to help Jan, the owner of Lucky’s, and all of the cats.

I also volunteer for Art for All which is a program through United Cerebral Palsy, for kids who have disabilities. I have been helping with that for two years and look forward to continuing. It is fun to make up the samples, signs and then helping the kids do the art projects. We have lots of fun!

What I would say to the other kids who have health issues is to be brave, believe in yourself and follow your heart. 

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